NWCLC has helped thousands of families avoid financial devastation. Read some of their stories.

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

A Bad Deal for Good Borrowers

Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham* were upstanding, retired senior citizens. They bought their home 30 years ago and were loyal borrowers ever since, making every mortgage payment on time and in full. They had no idea that their mortgage company had made a mistake in re-crunching some numbers and was wrongly applying their payments, until they received a notice that their…

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Keeping the Family Together

Donna, a single mother of three children, worked full-time as a receptionist as well as part-time on the weekends as a cashier just to make ends for her family. Years earlier, some legal troubles had forced Donna apart from her children and made her unable to pay her car note, so her vehicle was repossessed. She resolved the legal problems,…

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Whatever It Takes

Hannah was already a senior citizen when she bought her house at the height of the subprime mortgage scams in 2005. Unbeknownst to Hannah and her family, the mortgage broker had falsified her income to make her qualify for the loan and rake in profit from the fees. She could barely afford the mortgage but had managed to keep up…

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When Hard Work is Not Enough

My wife and I had the best intentions when we bought a house at foreclosure in 2008. We gutted it and did a total remodel. Our goal was to do a refinance, bringing the mortgage and other debts down to something more affordable for us. But, then the recession hit, and we were not able to refinance anything. At the…

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