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Unlock the insights of our journey in 2022! Explore our now available annual report by going to the link below and delve into the stories of positive change we've made together.

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The Fair Shot Act

Washington State's personal property exemptions fail to protect working families from poverty. The Fair Shot Act will increase our state's outdated exemptions, expand protections to injured people, and help individuals facing financial hardship.

Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinic

Get free legal advice and all your bankruptcy related questions answered.  Attend as many times as you need during the duration of your bankruptcy.



Debt Defense

Being in debt can be scary, but you're not alone. One in three Americans is in collections. We help clients fight back against unlawful debt collection practices.


Foreclosure Prevention

You have rights when facing foreclosure. We help homeowners find solutions to avoid foreclosure and protect their homes from deceptive mortgage servicing.


Automobile Fraud

Millions of car buyers are estimated to be defrauded each year. We help people fight back against dealerships who sell unsafe vehicles and deceptive financing.


Consumer Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an opportunity for a financial fresh start. We help clients navigate the process to earning relief from debt.


Student Loans

Two out of three students graduate with significant debt. We help people find answers and fight predatory practices.


Latest Updates

How to Buy a Used Car: Best Practices and Tips

By Andrea Villasis | November 2, 2023

Buying used vehicles can have you end up saving a lot of money. After all, a car’s value decreases as soon as you start driving…

Detecting Odometer Fraud

By Andrea Villasis | November 2, 2023

Earlier this year, Washington State was ranked 17th in the nation for odometer fraud, facing a reported 10% rise odometer fraud incidents. According to the…

Best Tips for Restarting Federal Student Loan Payments in October.

By Andrea Villasis | October 13, 2023

It’s been over three years since many Americans have been required to make payments on their federal student loan debt. Repaying any debt can be…

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Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinic

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Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinic

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"I contacted 211, and I was looking for an attorney and they transferred me over to NWCLC, which was a life saver."

Cleta Larson
Former Client

“Attorney Alyssa and the legal team at NWCLC provided excellent service and are client-oriented…She (Alyssa) understood the intricacies regarding my legal matter which helped in negotiating a favorable settlement. I felt relieved after coming to a close of a stressful situation"

Anoymonus Client
Former Client

"[The staff] at NWCLC are absolutely fantastic-incredibly thorough, attentive and professional. They made what would have been a stressful and complicated situation easy. "

Monet Steadman
Former Client

"When our home was in foreclosure, we didn't know where to turn. Without Northwest Consumer Law Center, we would be on the streets."

Anonymous Client

"I greatly appreciate the thoroughness and effectiveness you've displayed as well as the friendliness and the affordability of your services."

David Carter
Former Client

“they are very professional, they know what they do.”

Anonymouus Client
Former Client


If you are charged with a crime, you have a right to legal representation. But, if you are scammed out of your life savings or are a victim of unscrupulous medical debt collection, you are on your own. In Washington, 80% of low-income households have at least one civil legal problem.


of Americans have missed a bill payment due to COVID-19


of students graduate with significant debt


of Americans are in collection


Equal access to legal representation is critical to ending poverty, combating discrimination, and creating opportunity. Your contribution could be the difference in whether someone loses their home.