Equal access to legal representation is critical to ending poverty, combating discrimination, and creating opportunity. We provide legal support to fill the need, but we also work to address systemic issues to fix the underlying causes of the justice gap. At NWCLC, we use every tool we have to support consumers and fight corporate abuse.


We provide direct legal help for people facing consumer legal issues and actively pursue impact litigation, where the outcome benefits all consumers experiencing a similar problem.

Bankruptcy Clinic

In a partnership with the Federal Bar Association, we offer a free pro se bankruptcy clinic twice a month that helps hundreds of families use bankruptcy as a tool to financial recovery.

Live Webinars

Our live webinars cover a range of topics and provide instant access to a consumer lawyer. These free interactive presentations are often the first step toward freedom from debt.

Advising Lawyers

NWCLC serves as a trusted advisor to over 500 state consumer lawyers. We have trained hundreds of legal professionals in fair debt collection and landlord-tenant debt.

Amicus Briefs

Amicus briefs filed by our attorneys sway judicial decision making. In a recent Washington Supreme Court case, NWCLC was cited for providing information relied upon by the court.


We advocate for laws and policies that will positively impact consumers. We work with and lobby legislators at the local, state, and national levels to effect change.