We envision a world where there is justice for all, regardless of income. 

To achieve that vision, we are committed to fighting corporate abuse and civil inequities in Washington's legal system. Through direct representation and litigation, NWCLC helps thousands of families avoid financial devastation. We also advise consumer lawyers, write amicus briefs, host a pro-se bankruptcy clinic, offer webinars, and serve as consumer justice advocates.


NWCLC's story began in 2011, when a small group of long-standing, dedicated consumer attorneys saw a dire need for advocacy that focused strictly on consumer issues.

Just 12 months after our founding, we were awarded $1.3 million to provide desperately needed foreclosure-related legal services. Between 2012 and 2015, NWCLC received nearly $2.3 million in grants used entirely to assist victims of the economic and foreclosure crisis.

By 2016, NWCLC's attorneys had provided life-saving hope and concrete legal advice to 3,500 low-income Washington families. Using a variety of remedies, including loan modification, bankruptcy filings (to stop foreclosures), and educating homeowners about their legal rights, NWCLC helped thousands of families keep their home and avoid financial ruin.


We provide legal support to Washington residents facing consumer legal issues such as debt collection, foreclosure, student loans, bankruptcy, and auto fraud. Unlike most legal aid organizations, we serve state residents up to 500% of poverty on a sliding scale from pro bono to 50% of normal hourly rates, and we never require a retainer to get a foot in our door.


Consumers Served by One NWCLC Attorney per Year


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