Celebrate with Us: Our THIRD Annual Campaign! 

One of our biggest celebrations yet, this year we're taking time to look back and acknowledge our three biggest achievements: Our Bills. We're proud to say that we've passed three life-changing bills for Washingtonians in the course of three years.

From increasing exemption laws to protect families from losing their homes to updating to helping small business owners keep the tools they need, we are taking a moment to appreciate all that was made possible from you.

In addition, last year, we served one of our largest clientele yet: over 500 people received affordable or free help from us.

2023 Recap..

We Passed SB6025, making it our THIRD Laws in Three Years.

We Served Over 500 Individuals and Families in our State, a 47% Increase From Last Year.

We Filed 5 Amicus Briefs in Support of Consumer Justice.

Support our advocacy in changing the lives of Washingtonians.

Read All About Our Bills

SB 5408 : Homestead Exemption Act.

Our very first bill, the Homestead Exemption Act gave critical relief to Washington homeowners, increasing property exemptions. Previously our protections were graded extremely low from the National Consumer Law Center.

SB 5173: The Fair Shot Act

Property exemption laws are what keep people afloat during times of financial distress, The Fair Shot Act brought those to reflect the current state of our economy, saving homes and livelihoods.

SB 6025: Protecting Consumers

Our latest bill provides critical consumer protections by stopping predatory lenders from evading state laws and offering high-interest loans to vulnerable populations commonly known as "Rent-A-Bank schemes."

Our 2024 Annual Campaign ends on June 14th, Donate now and become part of the change!