A Bad Deal for Good Borrowers

Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham* were upstanding, retired senior citizens. They bought their home 30 years ago and were loyal borrowers ever since, making every mortgage payment on time and in full. They had no idea that their mortgage company had made a mistake in re-crunching some numbers and was wrongly applying their payments, until they received a notice that their final payment was six times as much as they agreed upon.

There was no way that the Cunninghams, living on fixed incomes, could come up with that kind of money. The mortgage company was unresponsive to the complaints they filed with regulatory authorities. It seemed the Cunninghams had no choice but to miss the last payment, go into foreclosure, and watch helplessly as three decades of hard work went down the drain.

Fortunately, they contacted NWCLC. We filed a lawsuit against the mortgage company to force it to honor the contract it had signed, and a fair settlement was quickly reached. The Cunninghams, incredibly respectful of their mortgage obligation, had continued to make payments into a trust account the whole time and ended up with $4,000.00 more than they would have owed!