Join the Fight for Economic Justice:

Be Part of Our FIRST Annual Camaign

A Year of Firsts

In the last twelve months, NWCLC has done more to bring economic justice to more Washington families than ever before. And we could not have done it without you! Here are a few of the things we achieved together:

  • We passed our FIRST state law increasing protections for Washington homeowners;
  • We added our FIRST auto-fraud practice area;
  • We grew our client base by more than 450%;
  • We launched a new website;
  • And we set up our FIRST online intake system, which means we can help more people than ever!

Will you help us celebrate our accomplishments by joining us in our FIRST Annual Campaign?

In the next two weeks, you will be hearing from us a bit more than usual, but it won’t just be us talking to you. You will hear directly from our clients and listen to them share personal stories. You can test your consumer justice knowledge with our online pop quizzes. And we will launch our FIRST free quarterly event series: Consumer Justice Round Table.

In the next two weeks, we hope to earn the support of twenty-five friends who join our FIRST (and brand new) monthly giving club - the Consumer Justice Defenders.

Become a Consumer Justice Defender before our annual campaign ends on June 8th to be a founding member!


Join the Consumer Justice Defenders!

Consumer Justice Defenders is NWCLC’s monthly giving club that supports our work to provide low or no-cost consumer financial legal support to Washington families.

Defenders' contributions keep us fighting by providing legal support to fill the justice gap and work to combat systemic inequities to address its root causes.

Learn more about our fight to advance economic justice.

Pop Quiz: the Justice Gap

"With liberty and justice for all" embodies the foundation of American democracy; the idea that justice should be accessible to everyone. In criminal cases, that is the case, but if someone scams you out of your life savings or medical debt there is no right to counsel. This means millions of most low-income Americans are forced to go it alone without legal representation.

Pop Quiz: the Auto Industry

We can’t take all the pain out of buying a car, but we can help make sure you are well informed about the dealer scams we hear about most, like “yo’-yo” financing and unnecessary add-ons.

Take our quick quiz to find out how much you know (or don’t know) about financing your next vehicle

Pop Quiz: the Foreclosure Crisis

Close to 2.5 million homeowners in America are currently in a mortgage forbearance program. That means there are almost 2.5 million homeowners in danger of foreclosure once their mortgage forbearance ends sometime this year. Take this quiz to learn about the foreclosure process.