Auto Fraud

Jesus Jurez* was living at a new address when his brother was served at his former residence. The Complaint was for a $7,837.79 debt by Cavalry on behalf of Citibank. Instead of arguing the service issue, Jurez agreed to pay a sliding scale fee to avoid the debt collection lawsuit. Fortunately, once we were contacted and started investigating, we were able to identify WCAA .260 violations that we used to leverage against Cavalry to negotiate a settlement.

Jurez, satisfied with getting the debt discharged, prioritized that over getting paid for WCAA violations. Ultimately, we were able to get the debt wholly discharged with a removal of the tradeline from his credit reports. 

NWCLC charged a total of $693.75 for attorney’s fees, which was completely paid by the client. This case has no confidentiality agreement. In his statement, Juarez was feeling “worried” before contacting NWCLC, and felt “more calm” after getting our help. 

*Full release by client