Florence* is a single mom who supports her three kids working as a nurse. She fell into credit card debt after her ex-husband lost his job and was unable to send her child support. She used the credit cards to pay for small emergencies, like when her car broke down or when her kid broke his arm and insurance didn’t cover everything. Two years later and still no child support, Florence was overwhelmed with her credit cards. Even with an extra job, she was barely able to make the monthly payments.

When she received her stimulus checks during COVID, Florence planned to use them as a cushion to avoid debt in the future but her credit card companies were pressuring her to send them her checks. With the bankruptcy code, we helped Florence get relief and protected all of her savings, while granting her a fresh start.

Here’s what she had to say about NWCLC: “All of my bankruptcy questions were answered and it was a very smooth process even though we were dealing with COVID guidelines. Everything was explained to me very well so there wasn’t any surprises! Overall it was a great experience even though I had tried so hard to avoid bankruptcy. NWCLC is a wonderful organization and I am so happy I found them!”

*Names and Identifying facts have been changed