Homestead Legislation/Bankruptcy

Victor Sanabria* had been living and working in the U.S. on a work permit, unfortunately, during the pandemic, he was let go by his employer and was experiencing financial difficulties. He is not married but supports his girlfriend and three children solely on his unemployment income; they all live in the same house which is co-owned by the grandmother of the children. Victor had a total credit card debt of about $50,000 and additionally some medical and personal loan debt that totaled to about $5,000. At 2 months behind on his mortgage, Victor reached out to NWCLC. We advised him that although bankruptcy won’t fix his mortgage issue, it will allow him to focus on keeping up with his house payments instead of his other debts.

This was Alyssa’s first case using the new Homestead Act exemptions. The home was worth about $260k in Snohomish County where the median house value was $549k, with the act now in place we concluded his case was a good fit with the exemption and he would be able to stay in his home after filing for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was successfully discharged with no complications.

We asked how he felt before getting our help, his response: “I was very stressed without knowing what to do until I contacted you.” About NWCLC: “they are very professional, they know what they do.” After getting our help, “thank you very much for all your help very satisfied with the service you give me thank you very much Alyssa I will recommend you”

*Full release by client