Unlawfully Charged

Samantha reached out to NWCLC after she was served with a debt collection lawsuit for a $17,000 loan. Samantha experienced very difficult times during COVID and needed the loan to pay for medical bills and to get her car fixed after an accident. All this caused Samantha to feel “stressed, nervous, and quite intimidated before contacting NWCLC.”

Samantha thought the loan was for $6k, so she wanted to hire NWCLC to investigate since the debt collector was charging twice the amount. After discovery, NWCLC found that the debt collector was charging a usurious interest rate and was able to negotiate a great settlement on Samantha’s behalf.

Here’s what Samantha had to say about NWCLC, “Attorney Alyssa and the legal team at NWCLC provided excellent service and are client-oriented…She (Alyssa) understood the intricacies regarding my legal matter which helped in negotiating a favorable settlement. I felt relieved after coming to a close of a stressful situation and content with the terms.”