Keeping the Family Together

Donna, a single mother of three children, worked full-time as a receptionist as well as part-time on the weekends as a cashier just to make ends for her family.

Years earlier, some legal troubles had forced Donna apart from her children and made her unable to pay her car note, so her vehicle was repossessed. She resolved the legal problems, reunited with her children, and even went on to get an Associate’s Degree – but then got a nasty shock when the car lender, to whom she didn’t know she still owed any money, got a court order to garnish her wages.

The garnishment threatened to undo all the years of hard work and tear Donna’s family apart again. Donna had no way to pay a private attorney the typical $1500.00 or higher fee for filing bankruptcy. Fortunately, she found out about NWCLC.

Through a no-fee bankruptcy, NWCLC was able to stop the garnishment and keep Donna and her family on track toward financial security.