Rebuilding Futures

Evan* approached NWCLC when he found himself overwhelmed by mounting credit card debt and student loans. Evan was facing daily struggles of managing a chronic health condition that significantly impacted his mobility and ability to work a full time job and pay off his debts. After exploring all of his options with NWCLC, he ultimately decided to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When NWCLC took on his case, we got to work right away by providing full legal representation throughout the bankruptcy process. With dedicated advocacy, NWCLC successfully secured the discharge of approximately $32,000 in medical and credit card debt on Evan’s behalf.

The debt relief obtained through NWCLC’s efforts brought immense relief to Evan, enabling him to regain control over his financial situation and move forward with a renewed sense of hope. This success story is a testament to the vital role that organizations like NWCLC play in supporting individuals facing overwhelming debt and medical hardships.

*Names and identifying details have been changed.

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