Triumphing Over Debt

Jason* was facing a daunting lawsuit from a debt collection company for nearly $15,000 in medical debt that he could not afford to pay. Over the course of several years, Jason endured multiple surgeries and spent months hospitalized. Compounded by his significant immunocompromised state, Jason was forced to make a difficult decision to resign from his longtime position as youth counselor. Currently, he relies on retirement funds and works part-time as a caregiver for a developmentally disabled individual. Feeling “concerned and a bit embarrassed” and overwhelmed with the prospect of facing a collection lawsuit alone, he reached out to NWCLC for assistance.

Understanding the immense challenges Jason faced, NWCLC stepped in and represented him during his Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Through our diligent efforts, NWCLC successfully facilitated the discharge of nearly $15,000 in debt, providing Jason with a fresh start and much-needed relief.

Jason was “relieved” with the debt relief obtained through NWCLC’s representation, which not only alleviated the financial burden on Jason but also allowed him to focus on his health and rebuild his life with greater stability and peace of mind. Jason’s story underscores the vital role that organizations like NWCLC play in protecting individuals from financial devastation. Here’s what Jason had to say about our services; “they were always very positive and helpful.”

We at NWCLC remain dedicated to advocating for individuals like Jason and helping them navigate the complexities of bankruptcy to achieve a brighter financial future.

*Names and other identifying features have been changed

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