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In 2022, we're celebrating the successes that you helped make possible in our mission to help low income Washington families receive affordable legal help. As the only organization in Washington State solely focused on the consumer-financial legal needs of those denied access to justice, your support is crucial to helping us achieve our mission.

Last year, we had you doing online quizzes to test your consumer justice knowledge, this year we brought together stories from past clients, recognizing us the impact you have made with these families!

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From Our Clients to You

Auto Fraud

Jesus Jurez* was living at a new address when his brother was served at his former residence. The Complaint was for a $7,837.79 debt by Cavalry on behalf of Citibank. Instead of arguing the service issue, Jurez agreed to pay a sliding scale fee to avoid the debt collection lawsuit. Fortunately, </more/> once we were contacted and started investigating, we were able to identify WCAA .260 violations that we used to leverage against Cavalry to negotiate a settlement. Jurez, satisfied with getting the debt discharged, prioritized that over getting paid for WCAA violations. Ultimately, we were able to get the debt wholly discharged with a removal of the tradeline from his credit reports. 

NWCLC charged a total of $693.75 for attorney’s fees, which was completely paid by the client. This case has no confidentiality agreement. In his statement, Juarez was feeling “worried” before contacting NWCLC, and felt “more calm” after getting our help. 

*Full release by client

Homestead Legislation/Bankrupcty

Victor Sanabria* had been living and working in the U.S. on a work permit, unfortunately, during the pandemic, he was let go by his employer and was experiencing financial difficulties. He is not married but supports his girlfriend and three children solely on his unemployment income; they all live in the same house which is co-owned by the grandmother of the children. Victor had a total credit card debt of about $50,000 and additionally some medical and personal loan debt that totaled to about $5,000. At 2 months behind on his mortgage, Victor reached out to NWCLC. We advised him that although bankruptcy won't fix his mortgage issue, it will allow him to focus on keeping up with his house payments instead of his other debts.

This was Alyssa’s first case using the new Homestead Act exemptions. The home was worth about $260k in Snohomish County where the median house value was $549k, with the act now in place we concluded his case was a good fit with the exemption and he would be able to stay in his home after filing for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was successfully discharged with no complications. We asked how he felt before getting our help, his response: “I was very stressed without knowing what to do until I contacted you.” About NWCLC: “they are very professional, they know what they do.” After getting our help, “thank you very much for all your help very satisfied with the service you give me thank you very much Alyssa I will recommend you”

*Full release by client

Debt Defense

Georgia* came to us after she was served by a debt collector. She was told that she had to show up in court in a completely different county than where she lived. It was for an old medical debt that she recognized, but thought had been taken care of by insurance. She went to court on her own, and the judge gave her more time to find an attorney. During that time, NWCLC came in and filed counterclaims against the debt collector for filing the lawsuit in the wrong county. We then settled the case with a settlement to Georgia for her time dealing with the lawsuit in the wrong county and a discharge of her debt.

*Names and Identifying facts have been changed

Student Loans

Olivia* received the summons and complaint for this case in the middle of the pandemic for private student loan debt from over 5 years ago. The client had a bad period where she was suffering from a medical condition where she was not able to make regular payments on the card. The debt buyer sued to collect $8,000. After pushing hard for discovery, OC agreed to discuss settlement. NWCLC was able to settle for a full discharge of the debt, removal of the tradeline on her credit reports, and payment to the client in the amount of $2,000.00.

*Names and Identifying facts have been changed


Florence* is a single mom who supports her three kids working as a nurse. She fell into credit card debt after her ex-husband lost his job and was unable to send her child support. She used the credit cards to pay for small emergencies, like when her car broke down or when her kid broke his arm and insurance didn’t cover everything. Two years later and still no child support, Florence was overwhelmed with her credit cards. Even with an extra job, she was barely able to make the monthly payments.

 When she received her stimulus checks during COVID, Florence planned to use them as a cushion to avoid debt in the future but her credit card companies were pressuring her to send them her checks. With the bankruptcy code, we helped Florence get relief and protected all of her savings, while granting her a fresh start.

 Here’s what she had to say about NWCLC: “All of my bankruptcy questions were answered and it was a very smooth process even though we were dealing with COVID guidelines. Everything was explained to me very well so there wasn’t any surprises! Overall it was a great experience even though I had tried so hard to avoid bankruptcy. NWCL is a wonderful organization and I am so happy I found them!”

*Names and Identifying facts have been changed

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